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Proise resources limited is essentially  a technology based service company focusing on business development solutions and enterprise resource automation. We design, trail, recommend and manage the changing landscapes in enterprise resource automation and business content development. Our technology solutions are result oriented, dependable and flexible as they are crafted or recommended only from service delivery perspective where increase in revenue (ROI) is a major consideration.

The values we bring to the table are from two sources; Core and Shared. These values are innovative and dynamic as we trail the changing landscapes in our competences. These changing landscapes are disruptions to business processes, disruptions to accounting and financial activities, rise in the demand for quality business content creation. Digital technology and digital revolution are the drivers behind these disruptions. In addition, part of the shared values have been as a result of our experience over the years having implemented automation projects in manufacturing, wholesale/retail, consulting, construction, engineering, real estate, education, health, non-governmental, media and general product/service based industrial segments.

Consumers are already in the drivers’ seat; therefore, business content or enterprise resource automation in whatever guise; text, photo, image, audio, video, animation or accounts/financial database must be crafted in such a way that it counts only from a service or result perspective where consumer is met at the point of need or want. This is our strength.

Besides, with over 16 years’ experience in deploying accounting, financial, inventory, jobs, business management applications and business content development, experience plus added values surely counts.

Proise_Resources_Mission VISION AND OBJECTIVES

To provide dependable, flexible technology based products and services that breaths life to businesses.
Achieved by designing, recommending technology solutions that counts only from a service delivery perspective