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QUICKBOOKS: Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Quickbooks Online ACCOUNTING

Our Current Offers: Please Act Immediately; limited Licenses Available; Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Pay N100,000, get 1 User QuickBooks Desktop Financial with installation and training of 1 for 10 hours; Get support after
  • Pay N150,000, get 3 Users QuickBooks Financial with Installation & training of 2 for 10 hours; Get support after
  • Pay N240,000, get 5 Users QuickBooks Financial with installation & Training of 4 for 10 hours, get support after.
  • Call 2348026099761, 2348037092818,or Prefer Sage 50 Instead or Cloud Hosted Solutions Hit the phone-Terms and conditions apply

Proise Resources deploys QuickBooks premier/enterprise accounting solution or Peachtree Accounting for these tasks. We will install, setup, configure and deploy any edition of Quickbooks Accounting in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This application handles both general accounting/inventory and the payroll task. The cool sides to this application are:

  • It has ability to relate business or transaction data avoiding data redundancy (entering same information twice). This implies that data is entered just once and accessed from any other computer bound by the network. Information like customers, vendors, employees are setup just once and its made available using drop down menu arrangement for easy selection.
  • Sales tax, value added tax and even special considerations to some customers or vendors in the form of discounts are setup and associated with the customer or vendor just once. Further transaction with such customer will automatically trigger the already set conditions preventing manipulation by any employee.
  • Inventory and non-inventory items are also part of the features of this enterprise accounting solution.
  • Standardized accounting provisions like upfront deposits can be tracked if the chart of accounts is setup properly with the possibility to convert this liability retainer account to income when the product or service has been provided by the company.
  •  Besides there is a provision to create estimates and when it becomes approved such estimates can be turned to invoice. All open invoices, all invoices can be viewed and analyzed separately and even sorted by customer and by date.
  • Written checks, paid bills are easily tracked and updated automatically in the Income statement and balance sheet.
  •  Accounting report like profit and loss accounts, balance sheet reports, vendor by service/product report, employee remuneration report, customers by active or inactive reports can all be generated with just a touch of buttons. This is called an RDBMS (relational database management accounting system)

QuickBooks or Sage50/Peachtree Accounts Training Price : N40,000 for 10 hours (For Individuals/Students in Abuja)

Besides we can procure, deploy, customize and train personnel for corporate organizations. Contact us for a quote on this. Godwin Madu on 08037092818, 08026099761

Business Process Automation & Customer Relationship Management Training/Workshop Solution With QuickBooks  & Related Digital Tools"

Sage 50/100 Business Accounting Software Procurement, Setup/Training

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